Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are some Red Wines better for you than others?

There is a dizzying amount of articles touting the benefits of drinking red wine in moderation ...but are some red wines more beneficial for you than others?  Is a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon better for your heart versus  a Pinot Noir from Russian River?  Is a Central Coast Syrah just what the doctor ordered for the old ticker?

Two articles discuss two lesser-known wines; one from the southwest portion of France (where they grow the grape, Tannat), and another wine from Sardinia, Italy (known for growing Cannonau, a.k.a.: Grenache).  They also add that it is not Reservatrol that we should be concerned with, but instead, procyanidins.  

Interesting. Keep in mind that the people they are studying are living in small provincial towns in Europe where they have different lifestyles and diets than in the U.S. The optimist in me wants to believe that drinking the right kind of wine would allow us to reap some great cardiac benefits. Below are the articles.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three Italian Beauties

Disclosure: I am lucky enough to be representing these three wines. They are all made from the same grape, Nebbiolo, but crafted in entirely different ways. All are stunning in their own right.

Varaldo Langhe Nebbiolo 2006

Bright red fruit, sour cherry, good acid. Think of a bumblebee in your mouth (without the stinger). Delightful!

Varaldo Barbaresco "Sori Loreto" 2004

Same producer as the first wine, this is the "big brother" to the Langhe Nebbiolo. More depth, black cherry, wood presence and a lasting finish. Great acidity. This wine stood well for 3 days after opening. Again, this is stunning wine. If you are into Robert Parker, he scored it a 94.

Reverdito Barolo "Bricco Cogni" 2001

My favorite of the pack. A deep, rich wine with tons of earth. Close your eyes, and you are outside, in the dark, stepping on Fall leaves and smelling damp soil. I swear I could taste this wine for 20 minutes after. Gorgeous.