Saturday, March 03, 2007

Chicken McNuggets and .......?

Dinner tonight consisted of: Chicken McNuggets (and fries of course) . Which wine would go well with this? Hmmmmm.
Well, my dipping sauce was honey...... So I chose the 2005 Miner Viognier. Bought it at the winery almost a year ago when I was in Napa. Cost: $20 at the winery but you can get it for $17 at HiTime Wine Cellars. It was dry, full-bodied, with honeysuckle on the back-end and quite lovely.
Paired well with McNuggets.


Anonymous said...

This blog entry inspired me! For dinner: Newman's Own Organic Mixed Baby Greens w/ red vinaigrette/extra virgin olive oil dressing, 10 Wingstreet Buffalo Wings (5 Spicy Asian, 5 Burnin' Hot) w/ Ranch dressing...The wine: Incognito 2004 Rouge (blend of mourvedre, petit sirah, cinsault, carignane, syrah, tannat, and pinot noir)...BURP!

Veronica said...