Monday, October 22, 2007

Napa? Sonoma?

Who would win in a fight? Napa or Sonoma? (Wellll... Napa would probably win... IMHO), but Sonoma would put up a good fight. Point is, it's really not necessary to choose one over the other. Napa/Sonoma are both gorgeous places, full of great people who love to make great wine and we are the lucky beneficiaries of their labors.
Here are pics with blogger compadres Neil and Scott during my last trip to Napoma/Sonapa.


Seabiscuit said...

Sweet. You are on top of it! I just posted a link to your pix because Neil is "lazy" and video takes more time to deal with. Like how I shifted the blame there? I will post some vid clips soon.

V said...

Very cool! Looking forward to it.

By the way, you do a great Ron Burgundy.

Anonymous said...

WOW, great photos Veronica! As I never visited the american wineregions, your photos give me a first impression.


Sol said...

Hi V

I saw the French part of your Chandon - Moet & Chandon - a few years ago, quite fun to see the Californian branch in your pics too.


V said...

Hi Sol, That must be beautiful! Hope to visit there one day.

Martin! You should visit California. There is much to see.