Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Rosé 2010

HOWDY!!! It's been a while.

Well, up until last year, I used to say Domaine Tempier Rosé was the best of Rosés. I had the chance of tasting the 2010 Tempier... very good! Very nectarine-y... and I looove nectarine. But it wasn't the slamming good cantaloupey goodness of the 09. What's with that?!!

Having tasted more Rosés than I can count... this year, my favorite seems to be the 2010 Clos Marie Pic St. Loup... from the friggin' Languedoc! The Fontana of France. I had to keep my wine snobbery in check, especially since this Languedoc wine beat out a Bandol Rosé... and cost twice as less. Amazing wine this is, limpid, refreshing, lots of cantaloupe and delicate all-round. Amazing. $17, and I got it at The Wine Country. I'm going back tomorrow to pick up as much as I can.

Second fave was the Commanderie Peyrassol. From Provence. Yaaaayyyy! Delicate, light, melon fruits running around. All too delightful. $21.

Third this year (in my books, anyway) was Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé. Still beautiful, awesome. With a delicate freshness, and spurts of nectarine. Very good stuff. The price tag might push off a few: $32. For the hardcore Rosé lover.

TIED for 3rd place is: the Ameztoi Rubentis Txakolina (all of these are 2010, by the way). There's a bit of Cherry Jolly Rancher in this one (but dry), and a bit spritzy (it's supposed to be that way). Ever so refreshing. I love this wine and am intending on buying a case. $17. If you want to impress a wine geek, bring this wine.

OK, so I had 3 ties for Third place, the last (but not least) is the Schloss Schonborn "Pink" Rosé, made of Pinot Noir. Think of watermelon juice, but dry. So very good. $16. I've already bought a few of these.

Ahhh! Good summer sipping. Cheers!!

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