Thursday, January 26, 2012

I love you Meletti Amaro!

This is The Shit (excuse my inappropriateness). I tried this last week when our awesome rep, Kevin came by. I wasn't expecting to like it tremendously, since I've had, and own, a bottle of Fernet Branca, which is also an Amaro, and sets the benchmark for all other Amaros (in my humble opinion, anyway).

How to describe the nose??? Well, ridiculous. As you inhale this, you smell some sarsaparilla, anise, saffron, cardamom, date, orange peel, and some eucalyptus. The little hairs at the back of your nostrils feel the heat as you inhale. I could spend all day just nosing this stuff. It is absolutely dazzling.
Drinking it... you essentially can taste the same elements as the aromas, which makes this such an awesome drink. There is the bitterness to it as well, from beginning to end; though not as pronounced as Fernet. Think of this as Fernet's good-looking, younger, sandy-haired brother. There is a bit of sweetness to the Meletti, too, on the nose and by taste. It is not an overpowering sweetness, it's just off over in a corner, waving and saying, "Hi!."

Amaro's purpose is to act as an apertif, aiding digestion. Whatever. It's freaking delicious.
We just got this today. I've been thinking of this ever since I tried it, and came in on my day off (I live a half-hour away) to buy a bottle.

Less than $20.



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