Friday, June 23, 2006


This is the last of my 3 days of the albacore eating plan. I hate it still, but have found that I hate less the Starkist Premium albacore compared to the Chicken of the Sea Albacore (which blows!)... both come in a pouch, (which is nice.. not as messy as the can). After the 3 days I will resume my regular low carb, low-fat diet.

On a good note, I have not had wild cravings for anything. I drove by a McDonalds and didn't even look twice (am a recovering Mc D's French-fry-eater).

Another good thing, I've not had any wine/alcohol since June 7th. I do not miss it and I'm sure my liver is happier. :)

Even still, I bought wine futures yesterday. 3 bottles (don't want to go overboard). Here is what I bought from Hi-Times Wine Cellars:
The chateau is across the street from Chateau Latour, and is a 5th growth. Ok, now I'm even boring Myself... I'll end this blog here. Ciao!

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