Sunday, June 24, 2007

2005 Domaine Nicolas Rossignol - Bourgogne rouge

I first tried the 2005 Domaine Rossignol burgundy (pinot noir) at a tasting at work last week, where we tried Sea Smoke, Kosta Browne, Paul Hobbs, Williams & Selyem and some other high-end ($$$ and hard-to-find) heavy hitters in California Pinot. The 2005 Domaine Rossignol pinot was sitting at the end of the counter. Our French buyer no doubt included this to the lineup to add in his two-cents worth about that particular tasting. Even though I had just tasted all these superstar Pinot Noirs (which were all great), I was equally impressed with this French wine.

For being a French burgundy, the Rossignol was very fruit-forward. It also had great balance (alcohol 13%) and mouthfeel, with ripe black fruit on the palate... boysenberries, plums and black cherry. The 2005 Bourgogne Rouge is an elegant, young wine. I thought it was $40 pinot after tasting, and when I found out it's price ($17) I snapped up a bottle.

Had the burgundy with a French brie called Chaource (named from the village where it is made). Chaource is a RUNNY, SALTY Brie cheese made of cow's milk. You just cut out the top of the circular rind and proceed to eat. I used unsalted crackers for dipping (water crackers). Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

yum-o. whens your next party, homegirl?

vino luvah said...

really, really helpful commentary - thanks!

V said...

Thanks Vino Luvah. Cheers!