Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Going to NYC next week. So excited!!

Things to do include: hanging out with my wine nut friends from WineBerserkers.

See my friend, Melissa

Going to Ess-A-Bagel for my everything bagel with butter. I will attempt to go here every single day i'm in The City.

Hit Lotus of Siam

Get a Pastrami at Katz's

Hopefully make it to WHISKEYFEST! on the 9th in NYC.

Tons of stuff to see and do there. As always, there's not enough time.



Genna Harris said...

Hey V! When you get back from NYC, let me know if you'd be interested in hearing more about an event coming up with Chef Ming Tsai at Macy's South Coast Plaza next Friday, 11/13. He will be performing a cooking demonstration there, and I thought you might be interested in coming. The demonstration costs $5 and benefits the Second Harvest Food Bank. We'd love to have you and your Wine and Dine readers come out for it!

Here's the link to the event's details if you'd like to know more.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Genna Harris
Digital Coordinator - EVERYWHERE

V said...

Thank you Genna! I've been meaning to check out the Macy's Kitchen, have heard good things about it!

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