Monday, July 09, 2007


Sometimes when you buy wine at Costco you get a diamond in the rough. Other times, after careful examination, you discover that dark little nugget is, in fact, a turd.

Enter: Cameron Hughes Lot 35, 2005 Cabernet from Yountville.
This was not actually a "bad" wine, but it was totally forgettable. The hype behind this wine, was that it's a wine in the $10 range that's supposed to taste like a $30 wine. Two-Buck Chuck tastes better. If this wine were a man, he'd be seeing the doctor for Viagra/Cialis/Levitra.. maybe taking all 3 at once.

For $12, you too can be left totally unsatisfied.


Neil said...

I like to complain too.

Kathleen said...

Great wine blog! New York is a great area to look for bargain wines. Though Costco may not have a New York wine section...
Kathleen Lisson
Albany, NY