Friday, September 03, 2010

Dancing Merengue Dog & 2003 Bressan Verduzzo Friulano

Watch the whole thing, it's pretty awesome.

2003 Bressan Verduzzo Friulano

Also awesome. This post is really to tell you about a wine of Bressan Mastri Vinai. But how could I not pass on the Dancing Merengue Dog? Such a cute video, it's a shame not to share.

Am enjoying and reflecting over the 2003 Bressan Verduzzo. Color: clear, yellow gold. Getting a waxiness on the nose, also a faint touch of kerosene, and sea shells.
Finally pinned down that this wine smells of... Marcona Almonds. Also the taste reminds me of Marcona Almonds... with some slight lemon, a hint of stone fruit, sea salt and nettle. Good acid. A highly aromatic and complex wine.

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