Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Friday yall!

No wine today (still with good memories of Sonoma & Family Winemakers in SF.. which was phenomenal). I came into it, telling myself I would spit.. but everything was so good, how could I? My favorites from Family Winemakers were:
Hollywood & Vine(Cabernet Sauvignon),
Bravante(Howell Mt. Cabs and Merlot- I'm a little biased there),
Spence (Howell Mt. Cab), and
Anglim (Viognier and Pinot Noir).

Saw this and had to old school clip with some awesome dancing (those kids rocked) and sights from years ago when New York was beautiful and dirty.

I tried doing one of those moves the guys did on the floor after watching this:
and I soon realized that I could easily dislocate my shoulder blades or back.
But I can moonwalk (kind of).

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