Saturday, August 18, 2007

Keefer Madness

Sonoma. I forget where, exactly.

Walking tour of Keefer Ranch, vineyard where Kosta Browne is grown.

Did a tour of Keefer Ranch today. Siduri, Loring,Flowers, Freeman, Talley among others, all source fruit from this parcel of land. We were started off with the Pommard Pinot noir used by Kosta Browne... Breakfast of champions. We then tried several other pinots from them and all were exquisite in their own rite. Our tour today also included: Bella, Hartford, Ferrari-Carano, Rochioli, Pappapietro-Perry and Belvedere. Had my fair share of wine today, but am trying to save myself for Family Winemakers tomorrow.

Michael Browne (center w. glasses) pouring his wines for the group.

Chad walking up to Arrowood where we tried some great cabs!

Thanks, Chad on catching that error (had called Michael Browne Michael Kosta)..oops! Too much wine that day! :)

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