Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Boy Shakira Update. 8/01/07

I love Boy Shakira.

This is Boy Shakira's last performance on America's Got Talent, as Boy Britney.
Unfortunately, Boy Shakira's run on America's Got Talent came to a halt this Tuesday. There were 5 acts out of 10 that could advance, and instead of Boy Shakira, a wannabe revival of the Osmonds (the Duttons!! a large, musically-challenged family) took its place....I think the Duttons just had all their family members call in to vote.

Boy Shakira will stay in my heart. I hope one day he meets the real Shakira, and that they shake their midsections until the breakadawn.


Seabiscuit said...

Perfect lead in to the weekend.

V said...

i miss boy shakira. Hope you had a great Birthday. :)